Food Stamps

I’m on Foodstamps. Yep I said it. Apparently this is something I’m supposed to be ashamed of? Well I’m not. As a matter of fact I’m proud of myself for being an adult and realizing that with my health conditions earning a living wage would be really good luck, but luck alone. In general, it will be next to impossible to find somewhere to work that will work with my conditions so that I can keep the job.

Instead I am unemployed and still looking for a job that understands Lupus. Until then I still have to eat. My BFG brings in an income. But when his income goes toward; bills, rent, pets, gas, etc. food being on that list can make life seem a little scarier. Instead I don’t have to worry. I know I will be able to figure out bills every month (payment plans are lovely aren’t they?) and I’ll still have a budget that ensures food on the table every week. The paper work and background checks and having my entire life rifled through before the state determined I qualified was so extensive I honestly would applaud anyone bored and brilliant enough to ACTUALLY cheat the welfare system. Because that’s what would be needed. A lot of bored especially. I’m not sure if ANYONE enjoys bureaucracy, enough to want to spend as much time on the paper work and red-tape as is required to receive foodstamp,s unless they really need to put the food on the table.

This article is about a soldier on Foodstamps. He is trying to dispel the “typical societal belief” that Foodstamps are abused and not needed by most in the program.

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