The Next Book In My Series

I like to think of my life like a book series. Not all of the books have a positive ending. But you never know how the characters will figure out that next scenario until starting the next book. Well in my life so many things happen and I have to move on, walk away, shift goals, choice, options, hopes and dreams… but there’s always the next book.

I would like to think of restarting writing the blog and starting back up with my proper health plans, I’ll explain later, as starting this new book. But I feel like I need to somehow finish writing the last book. No matter now painful. More than that I am at a point where I need to actually be working through the damage done to me by my past in order to be healthy for the people in my life now.

But I don’t know where to even start. Not about the last book or even how to start writing about the first chapter of this part of my life. So it’s likely my posts will be erratic for awhile (disorganized)- while I figure out the flow of this again. Until then, I hope my unorganized thoughts help others as I figure out these experiences and how I’ve changed from them, through writing it down to you.

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