Just a little Anti-Consumerism

Looking around the room at the strewn bottles of SunnyD and Diet Coke,

Chipotle and Wendy’s wrappers
and take out munchie leftovers
of UDF chip bags and milkshake cups
I know each name, I know each brand, by the colors and the symbols on the trash
left behind
Piled up from visiting friends through out the week
When I hear him say
“What’s with leaving all these
fucking advertisements
around my place?”
I look around the room again acknowledging all the propaganda that
we have
surrounded ourselves in
At what point
Do we no longer know when an idea or thought is our own; rather given to us by the empty bottles and thoughts of others
from visiting through out the week?
At what point
Do we no longer see the propaganda as it is; instead seeking products for the lights and colors
they condition us
to preference from?
As he angrily cleans up the trash, we make our grocery list
Make sure you get this brand
I say
and don’t forget
that brand
doesn’t taste as good
he says
At what point
Are our choices no longer our own, but the choices we have been taught are
we REALLY want
through propaganda?
As consumers we are the brands’ advertising
In a household that doesn’t buy for a brand alone
it’s remarkable
the impossibility
of buying brand free, without money
Looking around my place all I see are signs, symbols, and advertisements for consumerism
in an anti-
At what point
Did I become the propaganda that I fight against?
With every outfit I wear I rep a look and brand
With every dish we eat, with every item we use, we advertise a lifestyle that is aimed to reel in
At what point
Did I realize
I was always
of the consumerist society I’m fighting?

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