Logistics of Engagement

Logistics go into getting married for any couple. But the type of things we have to discuss and get lined-up before signing the papers is a little different from the typical.

I mean not all of it is; we still have to figure out school loans, finances in general, His job options, when, where, when to start planning the wedding, how to announce it, what kind of budget will be available for the wedding, etc.

There are a few other things that crop up. These things may be of passing necessity for other couples, but for us, a wedding can’t happen until they are nailed down. We are talking about insurance, caregiving, His job options with my medical issues involvement in his hours & benefits, medical costs, Social Security Disability potential, further health impairments in the future, transfer of power of attorney, etc.

Sure all couples discuss this stuff at some point. In my case, we have to discuss it NOW.  Not just now, but as things continue to change it has to continue to be discussed, as they change so will/might our options. This has to be taken into consideration too. Until all of this is discussed and completely figured out I have the requirement, more even than just necessity, to have my parents’ legal and financial assistance to survive trying to finish school on top of how sick I am.

We have been discussing options for months. When the new Healthcare laws came out a LOT changed as far as our options. My guy doesn’t have to have a job with benefits anymore before I can switch from healthcare under my father. Now I qualify for Medicare even with my pre-existing conditions! Which is a huge step for America and was a huge roadblock in the two of us moving forward at all with our engagement. We got to finalize our wedding date!!